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Place and Identity

Melbourne is a distinctive and liveable city with quality environments

By 2050, Melbourne aims to be a global city famous for its design, built environment, open spaces, creative culture and liveability. 

To achieve that ambition the city and the state need to promote quality design that focuses on people, environment and cultural identity - and reflects the history and the future of Melbourne and Victoria.

Heritage will continue to be one of Melbourne's competitive strengths, contributing to its distinctiveness and liveability, attracting visitors, new residents and investors. Aboriginal cultural heritage will be recognised and protected as a part of the contemporary and social life of Melbourne.

The city needs to enhance its reputation as a great place to live and work - and use liveability as a magnet to attract new people, new ideas and new opportunities.


Download Outcome 04 of the Plan Melbourne document in either full resolution PDF or in an accessible RTF document.

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