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A more connected Melbourne

Melbourne has an integrated transport system that connects people to jobs and services and good to market

Melbourne needs an integrated 21st-century transport system to connect people to jobs and services. Creating an integrated transport system will require:

  • the completion of the Metro Tunnel project
  • improvements to arterial road connections and improved efficiency of the motorway network
  • the ongoing removal of level crossings across Melbourne's suburbs
  • better transport infrastructure and services in newer suburbs - including new bus services for outer suburbs and, where there is sufficient demand, expansions to the rail network 
  • significant investments in new suburbs to create pedestrian and cyclist friendly neighbourhoods 
  • ensuring Melbourne's air transport remains efficient for passengers and freight, with the potential to establish another airport in Melbourne's south-east
  • enhancing the efficiency of Melbourne's freight network by upgrading road and rail freight infrastructure, creating new intermodal freight terminals in Melbourne's north and west, and increasing the volumes of interstate freight transported by rail 
  • enhancing Melbourne's freight network through the Port Capacity project, the Western Distributor project and the possible establishment of a second container port.

Download Outcome 03 of the Plan Melbourne document in either full resolution PDF or in an accessible RTF document.

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