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Fishermans Bend

Fishermans Bend

The redevelopment of underutilised, including industrial sites to create vibrant, sustainable neighbourhoods with a diverse range of housing and employment opportunities and high-quality transport connections – known as 'urban renewal' - is a key component of Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 (Plan Melbourne).

There are many underutilised areas within Melbourne, such as Fishermans Bend. Fishermans Bend is Australia's largest urban renewal project covering approximately 480 hectares in the heart of Melbourne. It is a flagship project that will make significant contributions to delivering Plan Melbourne.

Fishermans Bend will consist of five precincts across two municipalities – the City of Melbourne and the City of Port Phillip – and connect Melbourne's CBD to the bay. It is expected that by 2050, it will be home to approximately 80,000 residents and provide around 80,000 jobs.

The planning for Fishermans Bend is being led by the Fishermans Bend Taskforce, comprising members from Development Victoria, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, and the Cities of Melbourne and Port Phillip. An independent Ministerial Advisory Committee has been established to advise the Minister for Planning on Fishermans Bend.

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