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Healthy, vibrant and inclusive neighbourhoods

Inclusive, vibrant and healthy neighbourhoods

Plan Melbourne aims to make the 20-minute neighbourhood a reality for every Melburnian. 

The concept of the 20-minute neighbourhood is simple. It's all about giving Melburnians the ability to 'live locally' -  meeting most of their everyday needs within a 20‑minute walk, cycle or local public transport trip of their home. 

 Those everyday needs include; schools, shops, meeting places, open spaces, cafes, doctors, childcare and access to public transport. 

 Local communities will also be encouraged and supported to become actively involved in the delivery of local parks and greening of their neighbourhoods. 

 The city needs to make better use of existing public land—including schools, underutilised road space and easements—and create a diverse range of new parks, as well as high-quality public spaces, for new and existing neighbourhoods


Download Outcome 05 of the Plan Melbourne document in either full resolution PDF or in an accessible RTF document.

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